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How to add bootstrap in Angular

Add bootstrap in Angular

In this article, you will learn how to integrate bootstrap in the angular application. Bootstrap is an open-source framework to develop a responsive application.

There are different methods are present to install the bootstrap in the angular

I have created one sample application by using CLI. Used command to create an app(ng new [application_Name]).

Added buttons but bootstrap is not working.

We can check in 3 steps on how to add bootstrap.

Install npm bootstrap

Install npm bootstrap command on CLI or cmd

npm i bootstrap

Add bootstrap.js

Need to add bootstrap.js in angular.json file, Add below file path inside the scriptsArray as shown in the below


Add bootstrap.css

Add bootstrap.css file under the stylesarray below the buildnode


After the above 3 changes, bootstrap started working on the application. check the output of the above changes,

Need help?

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