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How to install react js

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Install React Js

React Js is an open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on the UI component. In this article, we are going to discuss how to integrate or install the react js in windows.

Install Nodejs

You can download the NodeJS from the official Node.Js website, download the 32 or 64 bit as per your operating system

download node js

Just fire the node -v command in the cmd to understand the install version of the node.js

Add React Js App

For adding we are going to use the command prompt (CMD), just open the cmd and execute the few commands on the cmd

npx create-react-app demo-app

Navigate to the project directory

cd demo-app

run the application using the below command

npm start

These steps are enough to run the react js app in the windows operating system.

Need help?

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