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How to prepare a resume – tips for freshers and experienced

How to prepare a resume – tips for freshers and experienced

In this article, we will discuss the important points of preparing a resume, resume is the first step to getting calls from the recruiter, in the following article you will get to know important points to consider while preparing of resume.

Personal Details

It’s essential to add the personal details at the top like Name, date of birth, contact number, and email id, and recommended to add a professional picture.

Career Objectives

A career objective should be very clear and specific because the hiring manager is interested to understand the what candidates are looking for in their career


Equally important are your qualifications. Apart from mentioning your basic qualification like school, marks, and college, you can also add additional details. These could be any certificate courses and others.

Work Experience/Internships

Work experience comes next, If you are fresher, recruiters won’t expect you have to full-time work experience, but if you are experienced, you have to add the previous company details like name, time period, and project details in descending order.


Hobbies add more value to your resume, would tell more about you, and help the recruiter judge your personality. be caseful though, don’t add hobbies just for the sake of it

Structure of Resume

The structure of your resume is very important, don’t add information randomly. Add it in a proper way like headlines, and bullet points.

Nowadays, most the recruiters use ATS(Application Tracking System) tool. If the resume format is not correct, the ATS tool won’t parse the resume and your application gets rejected by the tool itself.

In the market there are a lot of free and paid resume-building tools available, you can easily get them from the play store or website also available.

Android App – Resume builder (Free+Paid)

Check Your Grammar

No one appreciates the spelling or grammar mistake, so cross checks your spelling and grammar before sending it to the recruiter.